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Frank Dietrich and Zsuzsanna Molnar

frank @ bluedanubewine.com
zsuzsa @ bluedanubewine.com

The Blue Danube Wine Company was founded in 2002 to import fine Central European wines to the U.S. market. The company focuses on wines from Austria and Hungary that are fairly rare in the U.S.
Before founding the company, Frank Dietrich and Zsuzsanna Molnar, a husband and wife team worked for many years as executives in American computer and networking companies with responsibilities for developing the Central/Eastern European market. Born in Europe, speaking the languages, and understanding the business customs have provided tremendous assets to bring the love and appreciation of these unique wines and the people who make them to a broader market.
We are developing a presence and conducting tastings at wine shows and festivals, cultural events, and wine clubs. If you are interested, please contact us, we are happy to work with you to make our wines part of your event.

California Sales Team

Eric Danch

Sales Manager - San Francisco & Sacramento
eric @ bluedanubewine.com

At 15, Eric started washing dishes at The Ranch House in Ojai, California. After 4 years, multiple titles, and nightly brown bag tastings with a sommelier with over 30 years experience, he became enamored with the story, culture, and community of wine. Moving to San Francisco in 2005 after two years living in Europe (Copenhagen & Rome), he found a job at Teatro Zinzanni, a 3-hour European cabaret meets Vaudevillian circus.
After 6 years he left the circus to start an internship with Crushpad, a pioneering San Francisco Custom Crush that makes over 700 small lot wines for people all over the world. In 2010, Eric worked harvest for a small Berkeley winery called “A Donkey and Goat,” and did everything from grape to bottle including making his own barrel. D&G was named one of the Top 5 Winemakers to Watch in 2011 by the SF Chronicle. Eric joined Blue Danube in the Spring of 2011.

Brian Stapleton

Sales - East Bay
brian @ bluedanubewine.com

Brian got his start in the industry working in fine dining restaurants in Chicago while studying history at the University of Illinois - Chicago. After moving to Oakland in 2012, he started work at À Côté restaurant, where he first began working extensively with Central and Eastern European wines. A fascination with wine history and culture led him to take a position running the wine and spirits program at Azarphesha, a natural wine restaurant in Tbilisi, capital of the Republic of Georgia. Over the course of two years living in Georgia Brian worked closely with many of the winemakers who are at the forefront of revitalizing traditional Georgian winemaking. After returning to the Bay Area from Georgia, he went on to work the 2018 harvest in Hungary with Apátsági Pince in Sómlo. Brian joined Blue Danube in January of 2019.

Mike Tesarek

Sales - Los Angeles & San Diego
wineman62000 @ yahoo.com

Mike made his first contact with Blue Danube when he ordered a couple of our wines to advance his status as a Century Wine Club member. We then met him virtually online when he tweeted about his passion as an avowed 'acidhound'. You will right away understand where he is coming from when you hear that his twitter name is @PNrieslingfan.
Mike joins Blue Danube after having taken many different roads over 15 years in the wine industry from buying for and managing a large iconic retail store, managing wine bars, and selling wholesale for importers and distributors. These accomplishments in Chicago were not enough as he moved to California in search of a different climate and new wines to sell.
He brings a passion for wine and food to Blue Danube with an enthusiasm for wines with personality, soul, and the distinction that makes them stand out. He will never be one to turn down a chance to try a new grape variety.

Ken Hanson

Sales - San Diego
kenhanson82 @ gmail.com

I became a professional road cyclist dfter graduating from college. At the end of my first racing season, I needed to work and I found a job at a local winery, working pump over’s and punch downs. Before this winery job, my knowledge of wine would not extend past the Two Buck Chuck Merlot from Trader Joe’s and I really had no concept of how good wine could be. The winemaker gave me the opportunity to work under him and I learned a lot about winemaking and how his style differed from other winemakers. Those 3 months in the cellar were some of the most fun I had ever had at a job and it never felt like work. Getting exposed to the hands-on process of making wine truly opened my eyes to the labor of love that goes into a bottle of well-made wine. My career as a professional road cyclist lasted 10 years and I was fortunate enough to travel in the United States and around the world. One of my teammates was from Slovenia and he invited me to visit his home. Visiting wineries and vineyards in Slovenia and tasting the wine were truly special. After my career in cycling, I began working with a few winemakers doing direct sales to restaurants and retailers. I was always very fond of Blue Danube Imports and would purchase their wines whenever I had the opportunity. Luckily for me they were looking for a Sales Rep in sunny San Diego and I was really thrilled to do it!

Jeremy Bohrer

Sales - Santa Barbara
jbohrerwine @ gmail.com

Jeremy is a veteran wine and spirits professional with over 20 years working on all sides of the wine world, from wholesale, retail, restaurant, and production. Living in Baltimore in the mid-1990s, Bohrer had the opportunity to cut his chops as a sales rep for Constantine Wines, a forward-thinking boutique distributor. Following his interest in California wines, he moved out west in 2000. He landed in Manhattan Beach, working for a small family owned wine shop. At Bacchus he curated a wine selection from all over the world, aiming to please the diverse local palates of the South Bay. He later managed the wine section at Trader Joes and then spent 8 years at K&L Wine Merchants Hollywood as the Burgundy Department Liaison. More recently, Jeremy opened his own wine bar, Five & ¼, focused solely on Old World wines from France, Spain and Italy, but also from more unfamiliar regions like Croatia, Slovenia, Georgia and Hungary. Over the last 2 years Bohrer has held the position of Retail Wine Manager for the award winning Les Marchands Restaurant & Wine Shop in Santa Barbara CA.

New York Sales

All sales are by Fruit of the Vines, Inc., Long Island, NY 718-392-5640

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Web Development & Support

Catherine Granger

Web Development
catherine @ bluedanubewine.com

Born in Paris and raised in the South of France, Catherine moved to the Bay Area in 1989 where she worked for the high-tech industry. She started getting serious about wine a few years ago when she and her husband built a wine cellar under their house. In order to keep track of her growing wine collection, she developed ManageYourCellar.com, a cellar management website that has attracted wine lovers from all over the world. Catherine joined Blue Danube in 2011 to focus on Web Design and Development.
At home, Catherine enjoys mature reds, zesty whites and likes to experiment with new recipes to pair wine with food. And when she is not cooking or tasting wines, she loves hiking and skiing with her family.